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Disability Insurance Awareness

Disability Insurance Awareness

Think you don’t need disability coverage? Think again. We draft a will. Create an estate strategy. And purchase life insurance. But few of us consider disability insurance – the coverage that can help us maintain our income and quality of life while we are alive.

Disability insurance is another important aspect of a holistic insurance strategy. Disability insurance is key during your working years to protect you and your family should something happen that leaves you unable to perform the duties your job requires.

 A fate worse than death? In financial terms, maybe. Statistics from the Social Security Administration show that 25% of Americans in their 20s may become disabled before they reach normal retirement age. Consider this – if you are disabled and cannot work, your income stops, but your expenses may not. In fact, due to the cost of medical treatment, your expenses may even increase.

It may be time to start thinking about disability insurance. The reality is that it could happen to you. If it does, will your family be taken care of? Will you be prepared?