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Our Services

Investment Management

We are Registered Investment Advisory Representatives under Kestra Advisory Services, LLC, and are held by the SEC to a fiduciary standard. This standard is a higher more strict standard of care for our clients than non RIAs. We work with you to develop an investment strategy that meets your specific, individual long-term goals. Investments are a major part of your overall financial planning. We take a holistic approach to determining the most effective way to diversify your investment portfolio, putting you in a strong position to establish returns.  

Financial Planning

According to Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. (CFP Board) research, more than 40 percent of Americans feel that they are not in control of their finances.  If you would like to better manage your financial situation, a professional financial planner may be able to help you.  Knowing how a planner should work with you, and how you will be treated as a financial planning client, will put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to taking control of your financial future. Tempewick’s offers fee based financial planning services for families and individuals, which are designed to serve as a guide through the stages of life and the phases of wealth.  Whether you are in need of a comprehensive financial plan or modular planning covering a specific area of concern, we can help.  

Estate Planning

Tempewick incorporates Estate Planning into your overall financial and investment plan to develop and implement solutions for philanthropic objectives, the tax-efficient transfer of wealth within the family or simply the minimization of income or estate taxes.  Tempewick’s professionals work with you and your attorney, accountant and other investment managers on strategies that focus on the preservation and transfer of wealth, addressing your needs, aspirations and values. 

Life Insurance Planning

Protecting your assets is as important as building them.  Maintaining sufficient life insurance protection in the event of an untimely death is essential to safeguarding your family and helping them maintain their standard of living and quality of life.  Tempewick evaluates how much your family would need to support its desired survivor lifestyle, pay for education expenses, spousal retirement, provide liquidity, preserve assets for heirs, and satisfy any charitable intentions.  

Strategic Insurance

Strategic Insurance, also known as Private Placement insurance, occupies a unique place among the spectrum of financial products. Because Strategic Insurance products can only be offered to individuals who are qualified purchasers or accredited investors, private placement variable annuities (PPVA) and variable life insurance (PPVUL) offer high net worth individuals access to both investment alternatives and customized product designs that are difficult to obtain in traditional or registered products. Tempewick is uniquely positioned to assist given our years of experience in working with high net worth individuals and our expertise in advising on insurance, estate and investment planning. As an Alpha Alliance member at Philadelphia Financial, Tempewick is among a select group of insurance professionals, investment firms and wealth planning firms that have a proven tradition of service to the ultra high net worth community. 

Lifetime Settlements*

A life settlement provides policy owners 65 or older the opportunity to possibly sell their existing life insurance policies in return for a cash amount in excess of cash surrender value of the policy.  Tempewick can assist in assessing the fair market value of yourlife insurance policies.

Long Term Care Planning

Chances of needing to spend some time in a nursing home are high: one-third of those aged 65 to 84 and one-half of the over 85 population will require long term care of some kind. A fear shared by many is that their hard-earned savings will be used up while trying to pay for long-term health care.  Tempewick can help you structure a Long-term care plan that protects the assets you’ve worked so hard to build for the benefit of you and your family’s future.

Disability income - Income Protection Planning

It is important to consider the ramifications of an injury that would prevent you from working and earning an income. Tempewick will assess whether your current resources are adequate to support your family during a period of disability.  We provide solutions that will help cover potential shortfalls and protect your assets and we have access to non-traditional sources where exceptional coverage levels are needed.